PinYin Initial - k

How to pronounce k in Mandarin Chinese Pinyin

  • Open your mouth a little.
  • Raise the base of the tongue against the soft palate, then release it suddenly.
  • Put your hand in front of your mouth and feel the airflow. the airflow is strong.

Similar English Phoneme: Like "k" in "keep" and "kind".


The pronunciation of an initial consonant is very short.
Actually, what you hear is a spelled pronunciation, just as shown below:

Refer to: Finals table to see how to pronounce "e", and PinYin Spelling to see how to spell "pinyin".

Pronunciation differences between g and k.

g: un-aspirated, the airflow is weak when pronouncing initial g

k: aspirated, the airflow is relatively stronger when pronouncing initial k.

Put your hand in front of your mouth to feel the air flowing.