PinYin Initial - q

How to pronounce q in Mandarin Chinese Pinyin

  • Open the mouth a little.
  • Drop the tip of your tongue, stick to the back of the lower teeth and keep it still, Forming a narrow slit
  • Let the air flow squeeze out of the slit.
  • The extruded air flow is strong when pronouncing j.

Similar English Phoneme: No. Close to "ch" in "cheese" but not the same. when you pronounce "q", your lips spread wide, not round. Refer to previous pronunciation skills.


The pronunciation of an initial consonant is very short.
Actually, what you hear is a spelled pronunciation, just as shown below:

Refer to: Finals table to see how to pronounce "i", and PinYin Spelling to see how to spell "pinyin".

Pronunciation differences between j and q.

j: un-aspirated, the airflow is weak when pronouncing j.

q: aspirated, the airflow is relatively stronger when pronouncing q.

Put your hand in front of your mouth to feel the airflow.