Getting Start - How to learn Mandarin Chinese

In this website ,we will share a different way to learn Mandarin with you.

Learning Process


Speaking First

Think about that: when we were kids, we just imitated and repeated what other people say, and then we learned how to write and read. Don't try to speak,read,write at the same time.

Learning Pinyin

Mandarin pinyin is a tool to help learning the pronunciation of Chinese characters.

Pinyin Basics

Learning how to pronounce Pinyin

PinYin - Initials Table

Initial consonant of a Chinese syllable

PinYin - Finals Table

A final is a simple or compound vowel (of a Chinese syllable), sometimes with a terminal [n] or [ng]

Pinyin - Overall recognition syllables Table

There are 16 syllables which are recognized and read as a whole in Chinese mandarin pinyin.

PinYin - Tones

There are tones in Mandarin Chinese PinYin.

Pinyin Pronunciation Table

Learning Pronunciation of Pinyin in one table

Pinyin Spelling

Learning how to spell pinyin.

Pinyin Syllables Chart

All Pinyins with audio demonstrations.

Listening and Speaking

Since you had known how to pronounce Pinyin, Now you can try to listen and imitate what other people say.

Listen to Mandarin Chinese Songs
Music is a funny and effective way to learn the language.
You can learn a lot by listening to popular Chinese songs.
Watch Chinese Movies or TV Shows
Reading alone by yourself won't make you start speaking it like a native.
You need to listen carefully to how others speak.

From movie subtitles, You will:
  • hear the proper tones
  • pick up vocabulary and it's meaning in context.
  • Learning Chinese Characters

    There are thounds of Chinese characters. But only some are used in daily life. There are 3000 commonly used Chinese characters.

    Writing Chinese Characters

    Learning how to write a Chinese Character.

    Commonly used Chinese Characters

    Mandarin Chinese Characters commonly used in daily life

    Chinese Characters Dictionary

    The Character dictionary contains information about Chinese Characters.

    Chinese Characters Lookup

    Lookup Characters by PinYin.